Location- 2nd Floor, Children's wing, Room 209

Size- 15 to 30 Singles & Couples

Ages- 25 to 50

Curriculum- Contemporary studies, video based with dicussion

Missions- United Campus Ministries, Children's activities and family missions

For more information contact: Cheryl McCortney


An introspective group of believers for anyone (mostly over 50) who loves to discuss the Bible and its different interpretations, social issues, listen to opposing views, and still love each other.r.

Be ready to volunteer for such causes as Matthew 25 Food Program monthly, help teach Children's Sunday School, etc.

Meets on second floor across from Wreck Room.

For More information contact: Vicki Creed


All Ages are welcome in this discussion class on various topics of our Christian journey. Studies vary from Bible study to Christian books to current events... and sometimes all of these.

Meets in the Library

For more information contact: Nancy Postier



                                                 The Believers focus each week on a current event

                                                       or personality, using Scripture as support for

                                                       sharing our individual world view through

              class discussion and prayer.

                                              Meets in the CLC (Christian Life Center) front classroom

                        For more information contact: David Good

                                   A caring class for retired or near retirement

                                                    with all the following:

Inspiring Bible Lessons

Knowledgeable Teachers

Great Singing

Lots of Love and Fellowship

Meets in the Fellowship Classroom

For more information contact: Dorotha Fenton

Lindsay Class

With studies that are biblically based and that focus on helping grow

joyfully in our faith, this class is for the young at heart, no matter

what the chronological age may be. BE PREPARED for interesting

discussions and unwavering support when you join this group. 

Member's age range is 35ish to 60ish. 

Members of this class strive to live these Christian principles: 

Loving, Inspiring, Nurturing, Determined, Selfless, Amicable, 

and always say Yes to God. 

Start gathering around 9:30 am in Room 119, Disciples classroom

with class beginning promptly at 9:45am.

CLASS MOTTO: "With God before us and Lindsay beside us, we joy in living out our faith together." For more information contact: Lindsay Snow

Sidewalk prophets

Location: Parlor

Size and Age group: 8-12 Singles and Couples ages 20-70

Curriculum: Bible based studies

Missions: Children's camps, Little Lambs, annual coat and blanket drive, 

Bibles for the Park Ministry

For more information contact: Donna Manning or Don Venable


Location: Meets in the CLC (Christian Life Center)

Size and Age Group: Singles and Couples of all ages

For more information contact: Donna Jamar


Embracing the social justice mission of the Church, the Neighbors class encourages open discussion of scripture and Christian belief and practice in an effort to understand and live Jesus's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Studies and discussions are based on contemporary

books chosen by class members. 

Size and Age Group: Singles and couples of any age are welcome.

For more information contact: Sarah Peters