To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.


Our church believes in the salvation and transformation of people through Jesus Christ; therefore, we share with the greater community of Ada, the Gospel and how God has changed our lives. We seek to touch lives in little but meaningful ways as often as we can, through love, word and deed, to help grow everyone's relationship with Jesus Christ.


      * Provide children, youth and families in our community worship, fellowship and fun

      * Provide a place for young adults to experience Christ in a supportive church family

      * Reach out to those who strive to meet life's basic needs

      * Assist single parent families with additional helping hands

      * Bring hope, comfort and encouragement to the brokenhearted

      * Care for the elderly in our community

We seek to help those beyond our community when God calls us to do so and by supporting the ministries of the greater United Methodist Church.


                                             Our heritage of over 100 years as a

                                      mission-based church, worshiping with emotion and                                        mind and trying to do all the good we can, to all the                                              people we can, as often as we can.

                                               -We are not perfect but our values guide us-

    Values...                              We try to...                   We try not to...

Unity                                            Be respectful to one another        Be disrespectful to one another

Acceptance                                      Welcome you as you are                               Judge

Adaptiveness                           Be open-minded and change as needed       Lose Christian relevance

Service                                              Focus on serving others                  Focus on serving ourselves

Forgiveness                          Accept God's unconditional forgiveness   Place ourselves above others